Lamola has confidence in SA’s presentation at the ICJ

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Minister of Justice Ronald Lamola says South Africa remains confident that they’ve presented a compelling case before the International Court of Justice (ICJ) at the Hague in The Netherlands.

Israel has defended its case against South Africa’s accusation of genocide.

It says South Africa has presented a profoundly distorted picture. Lamola addressed the media outside the court, after Israel’s presentations.

“The state of Israel has dismally failed to expect to say that certain words were rhetoric and certain action can be minimized by the fact that they’ve allowed humanitarian aid. We all know there was no such, the organs of the UN have stated as such, it’s not SA saying this nor anyone. The UN says they can’t provide humanitarian aid because of the ongoing bombings. We are confident that the court heard compelling facts from SA and the law is on our side. The jurisprudence of the court has been very clear that there cannot be any justification for genocide.”

SA team media briefing at the ICJ: