Self-defense is no answer to genocide: Lamola

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Justice Minister Ronald Lamola says Israel has failed to disprove South Africa’s genocide case before the International Court of Justice (ICJ) at the Hague in The Netherlands.

He says the country stands by law and facts regarding Israel’s actions in Gaza. Lamola says statements made by senior Israeli politicians and their Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu were inciting attacks on Palestinians.

Lamola says in court, the Israel legal team argued that the statements by Israeli politicians were merely rhetorical. Lamola was addressing the media outside the ICJ.

“South Africa’s case before this court is a simple one. Under the Genocide Convention nothing justifies genocidal acts currently being committed by Israel. Self-defense is no answer to genocide. There is no balancing exercise Israel has sought to suggest. The prohibition is absolute.”

Lamola speaks to SABC News Foreign Editor Sophie Mokoena:

During its submission at the ICJ, Israel’s representatives accused Hamas of causing destruction in Gaza and to the Palestinian people through what it says is Hamas’ strategic infiltration of civilian communities.

Israel, through its legal counsel, argues that Hamas has deliberately embedded itself into communities and using the Palestinian population as human shields.

The country has sought to counter South Africa’s argument at the ICJ.