Eskom implements stage 5 rolling blackouts

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Eskom has declared the implementation of stage 5 rolling blackouts, commencing from 05:00 today and until 20:00. Following this, stage 6 will be enforced from 20:00 until 05:00 on Thursday.

This cycle of stage 5 power cuts during the day and stage 6 during the night will be a daily occurrence until Saturday morning.

The decision to escalate load shedding levels is due to challenges faced by Eskom in maintaining a stable power supply for South Africa.

Stage 5 signifies a shedding of 5 000 MW from the national grid, while Stage 6 intensifies the measure by shedding 6 000 MW.

Eskom cited insufficient generation capacity as the primary driver behind the extended load shedding.

The utility company emphasised the necessity to replenish emergency reserves, which have been depleted due to increased demand and operational constraints.

Residents and businesses are urged to adhere to the stipulated schedules and to implement energy-saving measures during these challenging times.