Energy security tops the agenda on last two days at SA Auto Week

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Energy security in South Africa has topped the agenda on the last day of SA Auto Week hosted by the Automotive Business Council, Naamsa. The three-day gathering was held in Nelson Mandela Bay in the Eastern Cape.

Naamsa President, Billy Tom says the automotive industry is significant for the South African economy because it creates jobs and contributes to GDP.

“South Africa plays a key role in the automotive business for the country we create employment. We are probably about 5% of the country’s GDP. That’s significant but also in the continent, we contribute about 50% of vehicles manufactured in the continent, so my excitement is about taking Naamsa forward. I’m inheriting 88 years of history and I need to make it a point that from the next two years, we get to 90%.”

The Eastern Cape Province has the potential to be a key role player in the transition to electrical vehicles. The province accounts for about 44% of local vehicle production.

Eastern Cape Premier, Oscar Mabuyane says, “The auto sector in our province is the backbone of our provincial economy. It contributes a lot to our provincial GDP and national GDP. So, we believe that with all the changes, and positive signs in our economic improvement, that’s a correct direction that we are happy for, particularly for our people and citizens and consumers as well. So, it gives us more space as well for an economic push that we are doing. It is actually a response to our economic recovery and reconstruction plan that was presented by the president.”

Spotlight on SA Auto Week with newly elected NAAMSA President Billy Tom: