EFF threatens legal action against IEC over voter data

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The Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) have issued a stern warning, stating their intention to take the Electoral Commission (IEC) to court if the commission does not provide them with information concerning citizens that have not registered to vote.

This declaration came during a two-day election workshop in Kempton Park, Johannesburg, as EFF leader Julius Malema addressed party members.

Malema revealed that the EFF had previously submitted requests to the IEC for this data but their efforts had been met with limited success. The requested information is crucial for the party’s efforts to mobilize unregistered voters and encourage their participation in upcoming elections.

During his address, Malema asserted, “A legal letter must be written to the IEC, putting it under terms to give us the data of unregistered voters of South Africa. If the IEC refuses to provide us with this data, we must seek recourse in the Electoral Court. We must question how we are expected to advocate for free and fair elections when the IEC withholds information that is integral to achieving these goals and ensuring maximum voter participation.”

EFF holds election workshop:

With the 2024 elections on the horizon, the EFF is actively positioning itself as an organisation prepared to govern. Malema emphasized the importance of readiness for the period after the polls when the party may secure victory.

This preparedness, according to Malema, hinges on educating party members and positioning them to take leadership roles across various spheres of South African society.

He stated, “It is you who must occupy the highest level of legislative, judicial, and executive power. It is the leaders of the EFF, it’s grassroots, it’s constituents, it’s scholars, it’s youth who must influence civil service, economic and social administration, and all aspects of South Africa.”

Malema concluded by stressing that individuals who are politically trained and possess a deep understanding of economic freedom must take the lead in guiding South African society, in order to prevent the need for appointing individuals with opposing ideologies to oversee a socialist state.

EFF holds a two-day election workshop: