The Economic Freedom Fighter (EFF) has given the CEO of Clicks Vikesh Ramsunder until Saturday night to meet its list of demands over a controversial online advertisement or face a shutdown of all its stores.

On Friday, Clicks caused social media outrage after an image of a black woman’s hair was labelled ‘dry and damaged’ while the image of the hair of a white woman was labelled ‘fine and flat’.

Clicks later removed the images and posted an apology, but this has not quelled the anger of the public with the #Clicks must fall quickly gaining momentum.

The EFF’s demands include that all the companies, Clicks’ managers, directors and employees involved in making the advertisement, be dismissed with immediate effect and their names made public.

In the tweets below, Clicks apologizes for controversial online advertisement:


In the video below, brand impact on Clicks: 

EFF spokesperson Delisile Ngwenya describes the advertisement as a regression to the apartheid era that discriminated against black people.

“The transgression that Clicks has made goes far beyond a simple advert it is part of long history of making the features of black people abnormal and insufficient and uncivilized. Clicks must therefore be regarded as having committed a human rights violation because their advert is a perpetuation of the violence of colonialism and racism. All progressive forces must embark on direct action to ensure clicks is held accountable.”

In the video below, Clicks slammed for offensive advert regarding black women’s hair: