Dr Thomas Chauke accepts Premier Mathabatha and MEC Moraka’s apology

Dr Thomas Chauke
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The multi-award winning legendary Xitsonga traditional musician, Dr Thomas Chauke, has accepted the apology from Premier Stan Mathabatha and Arts and Culture MEC Thandi Moraka.

Premier Mathabatha and Moraka visited Chauke at Xikundu outside Malamulele on Sunday.

This after Chauke’s performance was cut short during the annual Mapungubwe festival in Polokwane about two weeks ago. There were allegations that Moraka instructed that Chauke’s performance be stopped as she didn’t understand the language, the music being too loud, to allow the use of fireworks and a cross over song.

Chauke’s Spokesperson Mike Nkuna says they have agreed to set up a task team to facilitate the process of social cohesion in the province.

“They agreed and they realised that they were in the wrong and they apologised, willingly and without any reservations. Dr Chauke accepted that apology. We said let’s look at how we can work with the office of the Premier and the MEC, so this Mapungubwe must rotate in all those tribes because it is the only instrument which can deal with the so-called social cohesion.”

Limpopo government Acting Spokesperson, Mamogo Ntuli, says Premier Stan Mathabatha has re-iterated his commitment to promote the diverse cultures of the province.

“There were very intense deliberations, but very frank indeed and eventually the Premier unreservedly and without any inhibitions apologised to Dr Thomas Chauke, his followers, the music industry for the manner in which the Dr was handled during the time. We are calling upon the province to join him in efforts to build this diverse and united province.”