Diepsloot grappling with escalating crime

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Diepsloot community leader, Sicelo Shezi, has expressed concerns about the persistent challenge of crime within their community, following separate murder incidents involving four individuals over the weekend.

Despite efforts to address crime-related issues, including an incident where seven alleged criminals were tortured and killed by community members last year, crime remains a significant concern.

Shezi emphasised the importance of collaboration between the public and the police to apprehend those responsible for the recent murders.

“It is quite clear that there are groups of people whose mission is to kill others. We call upon people to provide the police with information that will lead to the arrests of these perpetrators,” says Shezi.

He also highlighted the potential solution of formalising informal settlements in Diepsloot to enable better police access to all areas, particularly those currently challenging to reach in the fight against crime.

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