Dealing with terrorism in Africa is a collective intiative: President Kenyatta

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Individual countries shouldn’t have the responsibility of fighting terrorism. This is according to Kenyan President Uhuru Kenyatta, who was earlier in Pretoria on a state visit.

He says the issue of security threats and attacks must be dealt with through a multilateral approach. Kenyatta and his counterpart President Cyril Ramaphosa say the fight against terrorism must be coordinated through regional structures.

Presidents Kenyatta and Ramaphosa on terrorism threat in Africa:

With increased terror attacks in Eastern and Southern Africa, peace and security was a major talking point between the two leaders.

Sudan, the DRC, Mozambique and more recently Uganda have experienced a wave of terror attacks. Ugandan President Yoweri Museveni claims the perpetrators have sought refuge in several countries including Kenya and South Africa.

President Kenyatta says in tackling terrorism, nations need to work together.

“Terrorism can’t be fought by one country and you heard from President Ramaphosa’s talk, how SA is working with other SADC countries in Mozambique despite them having different names, they are all working together, us as governments must work together.”

Another concern for President Kenyatta and President Ramaphosa is the critical situation in Ethiopia’s Tigray region…

“We expressed our conviction and called for dialogue among warring parties in Ethiopia and there’s an urgent need to commit to a ceasefire.”

Travel between Kenya and SA

Meanwhile, both leaders want to ease travel between the two countries in an effort to boost tourism.

President Ramaphosa,” We acknowledge progress made on tourism including the introduction of e-visas for Kenyans traveling to SA.”

Tourism Minister Lindiwe Sisulu says Kenya and South Africa are among the biggest tourism draw cards on the continent.

“We have to revive this sector it contributes significantly to our GDP and it is a job creator of note.”

Presidents Kenyatta and Ramaphosa have continued to push for multilateralism in solving problems in their respective regions – promoting a spirit of unity for development.

The Kenyan leader, who is serving the last few months of his final term, has wished President Ramaphosa well as he seeks a possible second term.