Dangerous weapons found during Hillbrow raid

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Several people have been arrested for illegal firearm and ammunition possession during a police raid on Wednesday in Hillbrow, Johannesburg.

“We found 4 Okapis, one panga, chopped and a bullet proof vests that can withstand AK 47 and 9mm ammunition. We going to check on those individuals to see if they are linked to crime, murder and whether they are linked to serious crimes. We also found one of the suspects having 4 rounds of police ammunition. He can’t account where he got the ammunition so he had to be booked and then we also got one home made rifle as well as a knife,” says Metro Police Spokesperson Wayne Minnaar.

Authorities say they’ll also check if foreign nationals, who were among those arrested, are in the country legally.

Over the weekend, a group of migrants, hurled stones and other objects at officers during a similar raid.