Cross-examination continues in case against Koko and others

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The cross-examination of the investigating officer in the high-profile R2.2 billion corruption case involving former Eskom Executive Matshela Koko and 18 other co-accused is set to continue at the Middelburg Specialised Commercial Crime Court.

Magistrate Stanley Jacobs called the investigating officer to the stand to provide clarification on specific aspects of the case before allowing the defence to cross-examine the officer. The defence had previously requested that the case be struck off the roll, citing prolonged delays.

During the proceedings, the investigating officer, who remains anonymous, attributed the delays to a shortage of staff and the outstanding translation of crucial affidavits into English. These factors have contributed to the extended timeline of the investigation and subsequent legal proceedings.

Conversely, the defence has contested the strength of the state’s case, alleging that it lacks merit and has been improperly influenced by media speculation and public opinion. Accusations of political motivation behind the arrests have been raised, with the defence asserting that the accused were apprehended before the completion of the investigation.

As the cross-examination of the investigating officer continues, the defence remains steadfast in its assertion that the state’s prosecution lacks a solid foundation. The defence has emphasised the importance of due process and the need for an impartial and evidence-based legal framework.

Judgment expected Matshela Koko court application to have the case struck off the roll: