The IFP says it will introduce a Private Members Bill in the National Assembly this year intended to create what it calls a “quota system” for jobs both for South Africans and foreign nationals.

According to the party, the main aim of the envisaged piece of legislation is to prioritise employment for South Africans, but still catering for foreign nationals.

The IFP was presenting its parliamentary strategy in Cape Town on Friday.  The party claims the bill will go a long way in curbing xenophobic attacks.

IFP member of parliament, Liezel van der Merwe says: “The argument of our people in rural areas and elsewhere is that foreign nationals are taking all their jobs.”

“Once you bring a more structured way of employing foreign nationals and South Africans and you have a proper quota system which prioritises South Africans. This system will also leave room for foreign nationals to work, live and prosper in South Africa.”

“This will eliminate the xenophobic attacks that we have seen in the past.”