City Power to disconnect Rahima Moosa, Helen Joseph Hospital

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Johannesburg’s City Power has confirmed that it has issued electricity disconnection notices to the Rahima Moosa and Helen Joseph Hospitals.

The hospitals owe the power utility a combined total of R32-million in electricity debt.

City Power spokesperson, Isaac Mangena, says the government has 14 days in which to settle the hospitals’ debt.

“I must say that as City Power we are not in the business to switch people off, especially essential services like hospitals and water, but revenue collection is really crucial in ensuring that we stay above the waters.”

City Power conducting disconnection drive in Gauteng: Lulama Memela

City Power in Johannesburg says they are continuing with collecting revenue from businesses and domestic customers.

The revenue collection team is targeting defaulting businesses and others.

City Power spokesperson, Isaac Mangena says, ”This week our cut off operations across the City of Joburg are aimed at basically sending a strong message to all the defaulters that City Power will not tolerate any nonpayment of services. It is also an opportunity for City Power to recover the revenue it needs to basically continue to provide essential services to the city’s residents and ensure that we conduct much needed maintenance on the needed infrastructure.”