City Power cuts supply to non-payers in Alex

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Johannesburg City Power is continuing with its operation of cutting off electricity to defaulting customers, with an Engen filling station being the first target Thursday.

The Joburg power utility says it is owed over R360 million in unpaid electricity bills in Alexandra alone.

It says only 4% of Alex’s customers pay for electricity.

City Power technicians discovered that the Engen garage on 12th Avenue in Alexandra had no electricity meter and therefore had illegally connected power.

They proceeded to the mini-substation to cut off the electricity that powers the garage. One of the owners of the garage says he is surprised because City Power has been billing them monthly for electricity and they have been paying.

He says when they took over the garage from the previous owners they settled a bill of over R500 000.

City Power officials have advised the owners to go to City Power offices in Alexandra with their proof of payment.