July 2022 Alexandra shootings continue to haunt residents

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The July 2022 shootings in Alexandra, north of Johannesburg, that claimed six lives including that of Alex FM DJ Joshua Mbatha continue to haunt the community. Fifteen other people sustained gunshot wounds when a group of armed robbers shot and robbed residents of their cell phones, shoes, clothes and cash.

Twelve youths mostly from KwaZulu-Natal have since been arrested and are yet to stand trial.

Police say the crime rate in Gauteng has increased by 7.1% during the third quarter of last year alone, with areas like Alexandra and other townships seen being hotpots.

Gauteng Police Commissioner Elias Mawela says the S’tswetla informal settlement in Alexandra remains one of the popular crime hotspots.

“When we interview the communities, they complain about a certain individual called Schoolbag. This Schoolbag person they accused him of being responsible for several criminal activities which have happened there including a certain incident whereby a patroller was lost. We have arrested a certain individual who is responsible for criminalities which have happened there. So, if there’s anyone who knows Schoolbag, very soon we are going to have an identification parade. So, let them come and point out or present themselves to the investigating officers.”

Just few days ago S’tswetla residents stoned and burned to death five suspected criminals.

Residents say crime has gotten out of control in the area, especially during the night when there is loadshedding.

Alexandra residents have been calling on government to deal with crime in the area: