Arresting Putin in SA would be a declaration of war: Baloyi

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The leader of the newly formed political Party Xiluva, Bongani Baloyi says if South Africa were to effect the arrest of a sitting President of another country, this would be tantamount to declaration of war.

South Africa as a signatory of the Rome Statute is expected by the International Criminal Court to arrest Russian President Vladimir Putin when he visits the country in August, to attend the Brics Summit.

The ICC issued warrant of arrest for Russian President over alleged war crimes in Ukraine.

Baloyi says South Africa should not allow a situation where the head of State of another country during official or business visit gets arrested.

“If South Africa were to effect an arrest on the sitting president of another country, it will be tantamount to a declaration of war. I don’t think South Africa can afford to effect such declaration of war. If such were to happen, it means that we will be directly declaring war with Russia. We must not allow for a case where a sitting head of another country in or during official business arrested in the country that will be bad for the country, because it will affect the country significantly, is a declaration of war.”

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