Xiluva leader says party ready to take up seats in National Assembly

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Xiluva leader Bongani Baloyi says his party is ready to run for seats in the National Assembly as well as the Gauteng Legislature in the May 29th elections.

On Xiluva’s first anniversary yesterday, Baloyi and party supporters cleaned up the Noord Taxi Rank in Johannesburg.

Baloyi is a former DA mayor of Midvaal and a former member of ActionSA.

Xiluva was launched in March 2023 and registered with the Electoral Commission four months later.

Baloyi explains the values on which the party is founded,”Xiluva is a party that has really ignited a sense of Africanism and a collective awakening of conscience as a country. So, we are quite proud of that because it means we are going back to ourselves as Africans and choosing to interact with politics from our essence without removing who we are as a people. Now ubuntu means we embrace amasiko isintu and the custodians of ubuntu which is Amakhosi who are also the custodians of land in this country. So, we are not confused who are the custodians of land which are the traditional leaders whose powers have been usurped by the constitution.”