Xiluva spends one year anniversary cleaning up Noord Taxi Rank

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Xiluva leader Bongani Baloyi together with his supporters have spent the first year of the party’s anniversary cleaning up Johannesburg Central’s Noord Taxi Rank.

Baloyi who represented the Democratic Alliance (DA) as a former Mayor of Midvaal, was also formerly a member of ActionSA until he resigned from that party after a fallout with its leadership.

Xiluva, launched in March 2023 and registered with the IEC four months later, is founded on the values of Ubuntu, multi-racialism and family values.

The party, whose name means “Flower” in the Xitsonga language will be running for seats in the National Assembly as well as the Gauteng legislature. Baloyi is confident of the party’s chances in the polls.

“Xiluba is a party that has really ignited a sense of Africanism and a collective awakening of conscience as a country, so we are quite proud of that because it means we are going back to ourselves as Africans and choosing to interact with politics from our essence without removing who we are as a people. Now ubuntu means we embrace amasiko isintu and the custodians of ubuntu which is amakhosi who are also the custodians of land in this country so we are not confused who are the custodians of land which are the traditional leaders whose powers have been usurped by the constitution,” Baloyi elaborates.

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Meanwhile, party members expressed their views as to why Xiluva is their party of choice.

“Our leader has a proven track record of eight years of clean governance and delivery of services in Midvaal that’s one. Number two I think the biggest problem of South African politics is taking money from wrong people and our leader openly said we are not going to take money from wrong people, because once you get into government you are forced to advance their interests and neglect the interests of real voters. So that is the difference between Xiluva and other political parties in the country. Xiluva is a party where we are focusing on young people to teach them and impart good ethical morals so that they can be better leaders of tomorrow for South Africa. I think Xiluva is the best for me because it can embrace who I am especially ubuntu and it values our culture. It falls in every culture like Zulu and Xhosa so that why it is the party for me.”

Baloyi is expected to deliver the party’s manifesto on the 7th of April.

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