Ex-SAPS employee to approach ICC over whistleblowers’ rights

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Whistleblower Patricia Morgan-Mashale says she will approach the International Criminal Court (ICC) to force government to prioritise whistleblowers.

The corruption whistleblower and her husband George Mashale are on trial in Bloemfontein Magistrate’s Court.

The two are charged with harassment after Deputy Provincial Police Commissioner Major General Solly Lesia opened a criminal case against them for alleged breach of a Harassment Order he had obtained against them over WhatsApp messages.

Morgan-Mashale, who is a former South African Police Service (SAPS) employee, went into hiding in 2022 after several threats were made against her for reporting suspicious activities allegedly committed by senior police officials, including procedural promotions and appointments.

She says, “I am being maliciously prosecuted, some of the whistleblowers have been killed and the country is not prioritising whistleblowers, so after this case, I’m going to ask my lawyers so that we can approach the International Criminal Court.”

“Luckily the ICC has made a provision for whistleblowers. We will approach them so that they can force the government to prioritise whistle-blowers because we are being hunted like dogs.”

Mashale spoke to SABC earlier today ahead of court proceedings: