Another earth tremor felt in parts of Johannesburg on Wednesday night

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An earth tremor was reported last night in several parts of Johannesburg, including Roodepoort on the West Rand and in Soweto.

The Council for Geoscience has confirmed that the magnitude 3.62 tremor was recorded at around 21:24 Wednesday night.

Johannesburg Emergency Spokesperson, Robert Mulaudzi, says they are on high alert.

“At this stage we have not yet received any major incidents throughout the City of Johannesburg in our call centre.”

Previous tremors 

In July, a local magnitude 2.98 tremor was recorded in several parts of Johannesburg on the 22nd, with the epicentre being in south of Johannesburg, two kilometers south from Harmony’s Doornkop Gold Mine.

The tremor struck at around 18:47.

And in another incident in June, another estimated 4.8 magnitude tremor was felt Gauteng, with Boksburg as the epicentre.

The tremors, which also reached as far as Pretoria, caused structural damage to some properties.

Affected residents are already petitioning insurance companies, while others are in desperate need of counselling.

“It was a traumatic experience and I could not sleep. Even now I need counselling,” a resident said.

“If it happens again I will not be able to stand because the structure is already affected. I don’t even know if the insurance will assist,” another resident said.

The Council for Geoscience says the seismic event was moderately larger and confirmed Gauteng’s East Rand as the epicentre.

In the video below, a Boksburg resident shared her experience as she felt the tremor: