‘ANC undeterred but cautiously observing Multi-Party Convention’

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African National Congress (ANC) National Spokesperson, Mahlengi Bhengu-Motsiri, says the governing party remains undeterred by the newly formed Multi-Party Charter for South Africa coalition, aimed at unseating it.

Seven political parties are exploring a pre-election agreement that will form an alternative government to the governing party ahead of next year’s elections.

The ANC has been the leading party of the Republic of South Africa since 1994.

However, political parties attending the national convention in Kempton Park, East of Johannesburg, say the ruling party has failed this country since the dawn of democracy.

Bhengu-Motsiri says they are not concerned about being challenged but they are cautious.

“I also find it interesting that for all their statements, that this is not anti-ANC project, but their utterances of the DA-led Moonshot Pact team clearly disprove this, but we remain undeterred. We are determined to ensure that we are bettering the lives of South Africans, taking our messages out there including those who do not vote for us. We are cautiously observing how we do well in terms of reconnecting with communities and we are aiming for an outright win. We are not concerned about not reaching 50% and even if we don’t reach it, those parties in the pact would be hard pressed to even garner anything close to 40%.”

Meanwhile, the Multi-Party Charter for South Africa has since agreed to extend an invitation to all political parties in the country that subscribe to their pre-requisite of unseating the ANC and keeping the Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) out of power.

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Convention continues 

Meanwhile, the Multi-Party Charter for South Africa coalition convention will continue in Kempton Park, east of Johannesburg.

Professor William Gumede will continue as facilitator of the convention on its second and last day today.

The seven coalition parties have also set principles and priorities which they subscribe to.

These include: growing the economy and creating jobs, ending load shedding and achieving energy security.

They also are focused on achieving law and order.

Party leaders conceded that the talks were heated and robust.

The talks are still ongoing as to who will lead the coalition next year should they unseat the ANC government.

-Additional reporting by Natasha Phiri