‘Prisoners have better access to basic services than Alex residents’

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The Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) leader, Julius Malema, says prisoners have better access to basic services as opposed to the people of Alexandra township in the north of Johannesburg.

Malema was addressing thousands of EFF supporters as the country reflects on 30 years of democracy on Freedom Day.

He lamented the fact that prisoners enjoy better living conditions than the residents of Alex.

“No water in Alex, water in prison. No electricity in Alex, electricity in prison. Load shedding in Alex, no load shedding in prison. No food in Alex, food in prison. There is no flushing toilet in Alex, there is a flushing toilet in prison. Everything else that you don’t have in Alexandra, they have in prison, what does it mean? Alexandra is worse than prison because the prisoners are living better than the people of Alexandra. Worry not, the 29 of May we are going to fetch flushing toilets, electricity and food from prison to Alexandra.”

Malema has urged Alexandra resident to make the right choice at the May National and Provincial elections.

Freedom Day I EFF supporters gather at Alexandra Stadium:

As one of the oldest townships in the country Alexandra has been the recipient of over a billion rands in government funding through the Alexandra Urban Renewal Project established in 2001.

However, amidst reports of maladministration and disappearance of money, Alexandra residents continue to experience lack of housing, inadequate water and poor sanitation, which saw community, protests ahead of the 2019 general elections.

EFF the solution

Dikeledi Ntsemane, a 79- year-old a resident of Alexandra township has lived under the apartheid and democratic dispensation. Although she acknowledges that a lot has changed over the past 30years, she believes the EFF is the solution to take the country forward.

“I was an ANC supporter but I lived in a dilapidated house. Now through the EFF, I was one of three elderly women whose house was refurbished by the party, therefore I have hope in them.”

Whilst Emmanuel Moate who was merely 10-years-old when the country went to the polls in 1994 shares the same sentiments.

” Things have not changed for me in the last 30 years. I am hoping the EFF government will turn things around.”

Post polls

Party supporters who reside in Alexandra say their Freedom Day will only come post the polls.

“I still have no place to live right now as I’m living my hope is now in. The EFF, EFF must win the elections.”

“Under this government I see nothing. But according to Malema’s promises I will one day celebrate Freedom day.”

“I believe Freedom Day will start meaning something on the 29th of May because I’ve never seen freedom.”

Malema further told supporters that should the EFF govern post the polls, the party will professionalise the Nasi iSPani programme in Gauteng.

The EFF leader has implored the residents of Alexandra township to free themselves from the shackles of the African National Congress (ANC) government come the May 29 polls.

Freedom Day | EFF commemorates the day in Alexandra: