Moonshot Pact convention an opportunity to reimagine SA: Gumede

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The facilitator of the National Multi-Party Convention, Professor William Gumede says the two-day discussions taking place in Kempton Park are an opportunity to reimagine South Africa and tell a story of hope.

Gumede is heading a team which is facilitating engagements amongst the parties who are seeking to put in place a pre-election agreement on an alternative government for South Africa after next year’s elections.

Gumede is emphatic that the discussion and any pact that may emerge is not against a particular party but rather to establish a minimum core vision for the country.

“What would be the common ground for solutions for South Africa going forward. I am hoping at the end that we would have a public agreement and it would be transparently sold to the public. The parties would pledge to that agreement and that pledge will hold them accountable.”

“Because it is pointless that we sit for two days and prior to this convention and agreeing and there is no accountability. So, the public pledge will really be the accounting mechanism,” adds Gumede.

Gumede says discussions will also focus on how to get other opposition parties to participate in such a pact and may touch on establishing a common position on how coalitions should be structured in the country.

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