ANC says 2021 municipal elections results and turnout are clear message for party to shape up

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The African National Congress (ANC) says the turnout and results of the 2021 municipal elections are a message to the movement to shape up. It further adds that its approach to coalitions is based on principle and not expediency.

With the number of completed municipalities now standing at 139 of the 257 in the country, many of these are hung councils, where no political party has been able to gain an absolute majority.

ANC Deputy Secretary-General, Jessie Duarte, says the experience it has had with coalitions in many cases in the past has been regrettable.

“Most of these coalitions that were led by the opposition have been untidy, messy and premised on gaining power as an end in itself, this has resulted in unstable and self-serving marriages of inconvenience. To avoid this type of political and administrative instability the ANC will consider an approach with like-minded parties including affirming the principle accepted in many countries that the party that receives the most votes in a given election should be afforded the first opportunity to form a government.”

ANC briefs media on election results: 

With 78% of results completed the ANC has gained approximately 46% of the national vote, having lost some support to other parties since the 2016 elections. ANC Deputy Secretary General says, “All ANC councillors elected through the participation of communities will honour their pledges where we received a mandate to govern.

“We will this week start selection of mayors who are competent and can lead the renewal in their communities with the quarterly local government barometer. We will hold our representatives accountable for basic services infrastructure and local economic development and report to the citizens on progress and challenges our wish is to build better communities.”

Talking possible coalitions with Dr Dale McKinley and Khanyi Magubane: