African National Congress (ANC) Deputy President David Mabuza says those found to have undermined the party’s processes during the election of candidates will be disciplined.

Mabuza was reacting to an allegation that an ANC candidate elected by the community of Osizweni in Newcastle was sidelined because of his disability.

Mabuza has been campaigning for the second day in KwaZulu-Natal. He says leaders should listen to the voices of the community.

“The NEC took the decision that all issues that have been resolved will be attended to immediately after the election, and anyone who will be found on the wrong side of the law will be disciplined. We are in a situation where we want our people to participate and their voice must be heard, so there is no one who is going to dodge that process. If people say we want this leader, we must listen to the people and the ANC must not undermine the voice of the people. This is a gross violation of misconduct trying to thwart where people have tried to voice their voice but trying to change it and we regard it as a serious crime.”

Lack of basic services 

Lack of basic services are some of the issues raised during the ANC’s door-to-door campaign. The community of Ezakheni told Mabuza that they do not have proper roads and water.

Mabuza says despite these challenges, he believes that people are still willing to give the ANC another chance.

“The people are happy and they recognise the ANC, of course, there are still challenges, especially with regard to electricity and water. Electricity is a general problem of load shedding because there are times where they don’t have and times where they have. Water is a problem and I was told by the municipality that they are working on the reticulation problem. And they are still to establish the township and people are prepared to give the ANC another opportunity.”

LGE 2021 | ANC Deputy President David Mabuza campaigning in Ladysmith: