ANC in Tshwane calls on Mokgalapa to step down

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Tshwane African National Congress chairperson, Dr Kgosi Maepa, has called on the Executive Mayor of the City, Stevens Mokgalapa to step down.

Maepa says Mokgalapa has disgraced the City after an audio recording surfaced in which he’s heard gossiping about his colleagues with Member of the Mayor Committee for Roads and Transport, Sheila Senkubuge.

Both have admitted that they are the ones talking on the recording but claim that it was manipulated to make it sound as if they are having an affair. Maepa says Mokgalapa must do the honourable thing and resign.

“The ANC advises the executive mayor to do the honourable thing and fall on his sword, that means he must resign. That’s our position. The man must resign and fall on his sword. I also think the DA must replace him immediately if he doesn’t resign himself. They must bring another mayor, we can’t have this one. This person has disgraced himself. The DA must bring another person, that is if they still care about their reputation as a party.”

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