Lack of accountability a norm according to citizens: Expert

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Political Analyst Professor Zwelinzima Ndevu, says that lack of accountability towards corrupt officials in the country, has numbed citizens into viewing it as a norm.

He was reacting after President Cyril Ramaphosa signed the Judicial Matters Amendment Act of 2023 into law last Wednesday.

Melusi Ncala discusses the Corruption Watch Annual Report:

This was in line with recommendations made by the Judicial Commission of Inquiry into allegations of State Capture, Corruption and Fraud in the Public Sector, including Organs of State in the Zondo Commission.

Ndevu said that it was unfortunate that corruption had been normalised.

“The impact of corruption in society has been dire, and the incidents of corruption that have been reported, but nothing has happens, that one is not shocked, and also one is just saying what will be the next big incident or big scandal that we’re going to hear about,” says Ndevu

“This is very unfortunate, that we would get to a society that would say that we are not surprised when public officials or politicians are accused of corruption. If you look at our state owned entities, most of them have collapsed, and the reason is bad governance, its accountability, its lack of competent people, its corrupt activities that have led to all of those.”