UDM takes strong anti-corruption stance at manifesto launch

Bantu Holomisa addressing UDM members
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Leader of the United Democratic Movement (UDM), Bantu Holomisa says his party, if given a chance to govern, will establish specialised courts to deal with corruption.

Holomisa has accused the governing African National Congress (ANC) of failing to deal with corruption in the 30 years that the party has been in power.

He was addressing party members in Midrand at the UDM manifesto launch ahead of May’s elections.

He says his party is dedicated to ending the abuse of state resources.

“An end to schemes such as Chancellor House of the ANC and VBS looting of state resources and undeclared levies where business people are expected to bribe decision makers in order to get government business. In other words, a UDM will not allow an investment to belong to a political party and do business with the state.”

30 years after democracy

The UDM leader says South Africa is in a crisis 30 years after democracy, and that there is a disconnect between citizens and the government.

“The main causes of this disconnect are unacceptable levels of corruption, a poor economy, increasing crime and dangerous lawlessness, crumbling infrastructure, and unacceptable load shedding, as well as an illegal influx of people from all over seeking refuge and resource assistance from the state.”

The UDM says it will bridge the gap between the aspirations of ordinary people and government delivery, should it be in government following the 2024 elections.

UDM launches its elections 2024 manifesto:

Earlier, UDM Secretary-General Yongama Zigebe said the manifesto is the product of extensive consultations with communities across the country.

“We have collected all these solutions and the challenges you have presented to us over and above that, and we have come up with commitments to say that we are the government that will bridge the gap between the electorate, which is our people, and the government, because right now there seems to be a divide. So we are bridging the gap to say that you cannot get to the government’s offices because we are the government, you are the employees, so we are the employees to make sure that everything that you have placed on the table is happening at a pace and a rate that you want it to be.”

UDM Manifesto Launch 2024 | UDM to launch its manifesto at Midrand’s Gallagher Convention Centre: