28th Nedlac Summit aims to strengthen collaboration among social partners

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The National Economic Development and Labour Council (Nedlac) is gearing up for its 28th Annual National Summit, which commences today.

Stakeholders are eagerly looking forward to the event as they anticipate enhancing cooperation and communication among the diverse social partners involved.

This summit presents a valuable opportunity for social partners hailing from organised business, community groups, government entities, and organised labour to come together and review a comprehensive report on Nedlac’s activities.

At its core, Nedlac serves as a pivotal institution with a mandate to influence policy and legislation, thereby facilitating the ability of social partners to provide input on vital socio-economic policies and bills.

Nedlac’s Executive Director, Lisa Seftel, emphasized the significance of trust-building and collaboration during these critical deliberations.

She stated, “The success of our collaborations hinges on timing and the specific issues at hand. We gauge our effectiveness by the degree of trust we have built and our ability to work together. Some issues, such as the electricity crisis and the freight and logistics crisis, have seen strong collaboration and consensus among social partners.”

However, Seftel acknowledged the challenges posed by certain issues, particularly those related to labour legislation and proposed changes. These matters, she noted, can be more contentious as social partners represent diverse interests and viewpoints, making it sometimes difficult to reach a unified stance.

The 28th Annual National Summit of Nedlac promises to serve as a platform for constructive dialogue and engagement among various stakeholders, as they collectively strive to shape policies and legislation that will impact South Africa’s socio-economic landscape.

The event will be closely watched for its potential to foster collaboration and foster agreements on pressing issues facing the nation.