The United Democratic Movement’s (UDM) President Bantu Holomisa says an Economic Indaba is needed to deal with the country’s crippling economy. He was speaking at the Isaac Wolfson stadium in Port Elizabeth, where the party launched its election manifesto – ahead of the May elections.

Holomisa says if the UDM is elected to power, they will call an Economic Indaba where decisions taken will be sent to Parliament for ratification and implementation.

He says he does not discard the current administration’s economic summit, but believes a similar exercise to Codesa talks must take place in a form of an Economic Indaba with all stakeholders under one roof.

“UDM will adopt pro-poor economic growth policies for the benefit of all South Africans, and will cut Value-Added-Tax to 14% and increase Corporate Income Tax from 28% to 29%.”

The UDM will introduce programmes that will employ and train rural communities through Agriculture and Tourism, he added.

Looting and corruption

Holomisa says the ANC has not done enough to stop state looting and corruption.

“Our message is clear, we are ready to lead and we are ready to govern. This election is about trust. We have a president who pleads with you to trust him and this despite his party, because we know his party the ANC is not worthy of your trust. We all know the damage it does, be it to our economy, our safety, our education and health system. How can it be trusted when it stood meekly by as Jacob Zuma and his cronies looted the state and stole your hard-earned taxes?”

Job creation 

Meanwhile, Nelson Mandela Bay mayor and UDM member, Mongameli Bobani says job creation and an anti-corruption policy is the main focus of the United Democratic Movements drive in the May 8th election.

“We managed to create more than 3 000 jobs on only R21-million that was given to SMMEs, and 900 jobs through the SMME. We have been graded by Moody’s as a city where investors can come. So the UDM is there to create jobs, clean the city and environment and health wise. So the UDM is here to ensure the residents of SA benefit.”

Holomisa emphasised that the ruling ANC cannot be trusted to continue governing the country, as they have failed to ensure the advancement of the economy, state owned enterprises, and other government-run entities.

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