‘COPE to introduce voluntary military conscription if voted to power’

Mosiuoa Lekota
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Congress of the People (COPE) President, Mosiuoa Lekota says the party will introduce voluntary military conscription if it is voted into power at the May polls.

The party is launching its election manifesto at the Motjibosane Sports Ground in Hammanskraal, north of Pretoria, under the theme “Let’s grow prosperity for all.”

Lekota says the party will equip South Africans to defend themselves against threats.

He addressed a small crowd in the on the plans the party has for the country.

“We will train the children of this country. We’ll take them and we’ll train them. We will arm them, not to kill you the people or anybody who comes here as a friend but to defend themselves against those who come here to kill our men and women, and our children.

It’s international law. Every nation has the right to defend itself against aggression from elsewhere. So, this is what I want to say. The Congress of the People, if you vote for us – we will introduce voluntary military conscription.”

COPE launches its elections 2024 manifesto

Meanwhile, COPE’s Acting General-Sectretary, Erick Mohlapamaswi says the party hopes to increase its support in this year’s May 29 polls.

COPE currently has just two seats in Parliament. The party was formed in 2008 and contested the general elections the following year. It garnered 30 seats following that election.