Political analyst Levy Ndou describes people’s reaction on President Jacob Zuma‘s resignation as a display of relief.

Ndou was reacting after Zuma tendered his resignation in Pretoria Wednesday night.

Zuma’s announcement came after his party, the ANC recalled him from the position of a head of state.

Ndou says Zuma has become unpopular, not only with opposition parties, but within his own party as well.

“Obviously this has become a sigh of relief after then people realise that indeed president Zuma has resigned. President Zuma had become quite unpopular with the opposition parties and with his own political party the African National Congress and that is why they actually have recalled him and obviously the majority of South Africans after he has announced his resignation that is why actually they are celebrating. But also we must not forget that there is a portion of the South African population that still wanted to see president Zuma continuing. ”


Meanwhile, political analyst, Zamikhaya Maseti says President Zuma’s resignation speech was confusing and poorly prepared.

Maseti says the introduction sounded as if Zuma was going to challenge his party for recalling him.

“I got the sense that President Zuma is not going to resign is going to challenge and force the ANC to follow the constitutional route of removing him. But right at the end he turned around and said I resigned with immediate effect. So indeed it was a very incoherent and poor speech in terms of flow but ultimately he turned around and said I’m resigning. The only thing he can do is to run his foundation, Jacob Zuma Foundation and go and look after his cattle in Nkandla.”

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