Zuma must step down before 2019 election campaigns: NEC

The future of Jacob Zuma now lies in the hands of the top six officials.
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The African National Congress’ (ANC) National Executive Committee has agreed that President Jacob Zuma must step down before election campaigns for 2019.

There are also reports that the KwaZulu-Natal and the Free State’s provincial executives committees be dissolved.

The future of President Zuma now lies in the hands of the top six officials.

This follows the ANC NEC meeting which discussed the issue of his recall on Friday night.

Despite the recall of the president of not being part of the agenda, it is believed the matter was raised from the floor and after debating the matter, it is understood that the officials were tasked with the responsibility of managing the issue by engaging with Zuma.

There appears to be an agreement that by the time 2019 election comes, he should no longer be in office.

The debate on the two centres of power in the ANC was re-ignited after the election of Cyril Ramphosa as party president last month.

Many felt Ramaphosa should take over as the political centre is Luthuli House and the ANC is expected to clarify this matter upon the conclusion of its gathering at Irene, outside Pretoria on Sunday.