Former President Jacob Zuma’s spokesperson Mzwanele Manyi says Zuma believes that he is being wronged by the country’s judiciary.

This as the Constitutional Court is due to hand down judgment on the contempt case against the former President later on Tuesday morning.

Constitutional Court to rule on Zondo, Zuma matter on Tuesday: 

The Chairperson of the State Capture Commission, Deputy Chief Justice Raymond Zondo, has requested that the apex court declare Zuma in contempt of court.

Manyi says Zuma has already appeared at the commission.

“President Zuma just feels hard-done by the legal system in the country. He has been to the Zondo Commission. The only issue he had a problem with is the chairperson – a matter he had raised with the courts and one would have thought that if you have two people that have deposited two different affidavits, for any of the affidavits to be ruled on you would need a third person but in this instance an owner of one of the affidavits decides that his own affidavit is the one that must win the day,” adds Manyi.

Earlier this year, the family of former President Zuma said there is no amount of persuasion that will change his view of the Deputy Chief Justice.

Zondo Commission wants Zuma jailed

In February, the commission filed an application to have Zuma jailed for two years. 

The chairperson of the commission said if Zuma was allowed to ignore his summons to appear, there would be lawlessness and chaos in the courts being used as a precedent for other witnesses.

Zuma had defied summons to appear before the commission.

Through a letter from his lawyers, the former president said he would only do so once Justice Zondo has recused himself. 

Zondo has rejected this as not valid or sound reason for the former President to pull a no-show.

Below is the letter from Jacob Zuma’s lawyers: