Wildfire engulfs Boland region amid challenging conditions

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Firefighting agencies in the Winelands District Municipality, situated in the Boland region, faced a challenging night combating a veld and mountain fire in adverse conditions.

The fire, which originated near “Kluitjieskraal” close to Wolseley yesterday afternoon, had proven difficult to contain, exacerbated by strong winds and challenging terrain.

According to Jo-Anne Otto, the fire spokesperson for the Cape Winelands District Municipality, the nighttime conditions were further complicated by dense smoke, uneven terrain, and the aftermath of heavy rainfall from the previous year, which damaged many mountain and service trails.

Despite the challenges, firefighting crews managed to prevent the loss of numerous structures, including a thatched guest house and the well-known Tulbagh Nursery. The fire, propelled by strong winds, swept along the mountains and veld, posing a significant threat.

As of the latest update, the fire continues to advance toward the Voëlvlei dam. The situation remains dynamic, with firefighting efforts ongoing to contain and control the spread of the wildfire in the Boland region.