Westbury residents protest over amendments to Employment Equity Act

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The entrance to the Helen Joseph Hospital in Johannesburg has been blocked by protesters. Motorists have been urged to avoid Perth Road as it is also affecting traffic in Westdene and Westbury.

Residents are protesting over service delivery in the area as well as poor service from the hospital.

JMPD Spokesperson Xolani Fihla says, “The situation is calm at the moment besides the traffic disruption and road closure. Officers have been deployed. Expect delays on the main road joining Perth Road as vehicles are being diverted from the road closure. Motorists are advised to exercise caution. Make use of alternative routes.”

Community members are reportedly against the proposed amendments to the Employment Equity Act.

A number of organisations and political parties intend to legally challenge the proposed amendments.

Westbury community leader, Bishop Dulton Adams, says the new regulations disadvantage certain groups of people from obtaining jobs.

Adams says, “This is the last straw in our communities, it has broken the camel’s back with the Employment Equity Act that the president signed in April, which is putting a lot of pressure on the employment of our people, especially the coloured people.”

“If you look at the targets that the Labour Minister put up in terms of having the regulations published. The other thing is the issue of economic exclusions and our community members not getting job opportunities, most of the businesses and government departments do not employ coloured people and that is why we are protesting here.”

VIDEO: Last month, solidarity said it will challenge the “unconstitutional” Employment Equity Amendment Act: