UN climate chief tells nations to act rather than score points

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UN climate chief Simon Stiell emphasised the need for countries to prioritise ambitious action in tackling global warming at the COP28 climate summit.

Stiell cautioned against engaging in point scoring and urged nations to rise above “lowest common denominator politics”.

During a press conference, Stiell stated, “All governments must give their negotiators clear marching orders. We need the highest ambition, not point scoring or lowest common denominator politics.”

South African President Cyril Ramaphosa concluding his official visit to Dubai, expressed satisfaction with the engagements at COP28.

He commended the decision to establish a loss and damage fund and called for increased global participation in addressing climate change impacts on developing economies.

Ramaphosa speaks on the sidelines of COP28:

Ramaphosa said, “We are calling for more countries to participate, as our Just Energy Transition Plan requires much more funding so that we can enable a more effective and positively impactful transition, particularly with respect to communities that are going to be affected as we transit from fossil fuel sources of energy to renewables.”

COP28, which began on November 30, 2023, and concludes on December 12, 2023, gathers world leaders to discuss progress and ambition in line with the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change.

The conference is presided over by COP28 President-Designate Dr. Sultan Ahmed Al Jaber of the United Arab Emirates.

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