Tshwane residents worried about health crisis over refuse not being collected due to strike

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A serious health crisis is looming in Pretoria North. This after a local dumping site being over capacitated due to it not being serviced as a result of the ongoing municipal strike in Tshwane.

The strike by members affiliated to the South African Municipal Workers Union (SAMWU) has had crippling effect on many parts of the Capital City, and residents are at the receiving end. Despite this, the Tshwane Mayor, has reiterated that the municipality is broke and will not increase salaries this year.

The health risks that come with this crisis is one of the biggest concerns for residents in the area some are worried about the safety and security of their properties. The fear and risk to property comes as some residents, are now dumping waste outside of their private properties, which might lead to a fire hazard.

As the strike nears a month, more than 90 workers who participated in the unprotected strike have already been fired but the biggest threat is on the lives of workers.

As Tshwane looks for solutions to the strike, SAMWU members are not backing down and for residents this comes with even more service delivery frustrations.

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