Tshwane residents warned of possible water shortages

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Magalies Water is warning residents of Tshwane of possible water cuts due to low levels at its Wallmansthal reservoir.

The water entity says this is due to the growing demand in the midst of a heatwave.

Spokesperson David Magae says this has put a strain on the reservoir.

“The situation is quite serious because on a daily basis, we monitor our command reservoirs and the reservoir levels but in the past couple of days we’ve noticed a spike in the water demand…. having noticed that because of the scorcher of the temperatures ordinarily from a domestic perspective, there would be an increased demand, and there was very little we could do. We issued that advisory to our customers just to warn them to try and use water sparingly.”

Magae says that due to increased water demand high-lying areas could experience water cuts.

He says, “You’re looking at the whole of the Wallmannsthal area, the areas that are likely to be affected are those that are in the high-lying areas because once you then start to implement water demand management, the residents in the high-lying areas are either going to have instances that where there will be no water or at worst, you have low pressured water because they are in elevated areas. But those in the low-lying areas are not likely to be as affected and this water demand management – which in their language is water shedding – will be in place for a period of time until the situation improves.”

Details of the water cuts are in the tweet below: