Gauteng residents angry with authorities following extension of water cuts

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Many Gauteng residents are angry with authorities who have said the current water cuts will continue until further notice.

They say the authorities have let them down at a time when they are also dealing with rolling blackouts.

On Friday, Rand Water announced that it was implementing water cuts to keep up with growing demand. Some areas will be without water for up to ten hours.

The water problems affect some Gauteng municipalities including the province’s three metros as well as the Rustenburg Municipality in the North West.

Rand Water implements Stage 2 water restrictions in Johannesburg and Tshwane due to growing demand:

The residents had this to say:

“Water shedding is a problem because if you do not have water you cannot cook, you cannot use the bathroom. So I think the government is not doing enough,” said one resident.

“It’s tough now, no water no electricity, no network. You can’t even make a phone call but of all these water is essential, said another resident.

“All I can say is, the situation at the moment is very bad. The city is failing to provide us with good services,” says another resident.

Parts of Gauteng left without water: