Small businesses bear the brunt of Johannesburg water shortages

Kitchen water tap.
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CEO of the Chamber of Business in the West Rand, Dennis Pretorius, says small businesses are bearing the brunt of water shortages in Johannesburg.

For the past few weeks, the city has been grappling with serious water outages as areas fed by the Rand Water Eikenhof pump station such as Randburg, Roodepoort, Soweto, Johannesburg South, and Johannesburg Central have all been affected.

Pretorius says there are likely to be job losses if Johannesburg’s dry spell continues.

He says small businesses don’t have the capacity to overcome the constant water outages.

Pretorius says, “Well you know you have two groups of members, that very small businesses that cannot really plan for this sort of thing. I am thinking of the carwashes, the people that cook and prepare meals for other people and sell it and they depend on that as their sole income. Big businesses generally have the capacity to manage the problem. I see the problem at this stage more for the small and medium businesses that don’t have the capacity.”

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