Illegal immigration and unemployment top of PA’s agenda

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The Patriotic Alliance (PA) is South Africa’s only hope to resolve illegal immigration, crime, unemployment and drug use challenges faced by many in the country.

This is according to party leader, Gayton Mckenzie who has been on a campaign trail at a local church in Westernburg, Polokwane in Limpopo ahead of the upcoming general elections.

Patriotic Alliance on a campaign trail in Limpopo:

He says his party has been winning seats at various municipalities across at country during by-elections.

Mckenzie believes the PA will be represented in Limpopo’s provincial legislature after the elections.

“Unless these people here love suffering, then I will not do well, but if these people here want change, I am your guy. I mean I was at your border trying to protect them and to show them we are a borderless country already. The PA is the fastest growing party in the country that brings coloured people, black people and white people together. You can see in this hall; it’s not just coloured people and that is what we are about, building a new South Africa.”

Mckenzie is in Limpopo conducting a supporters recruitment campaign ahead of the general elections.

Patriotic Alliance Secretary in Limpopo, Lucy Moruwe says the party is looking to garner more support in the province.

Limpopo is important for PA 2024 campaign, residents bear the brunt of illegal foreigners: McKenzie