ANC Secretary in Limpopo, Soviet Lekganyane, says there’s rampant corruption and nepotism in the Mogalakwena Municipality in Mokopane.

Lekganyane says that relatives of the councillors are mostly considered for employment. He also says that some ANC leaders have acceded to doing business with the municipality.

Lekganyane says government officials must swiftly deal with the problem. Government leaders will meet managers and  councillors of the municipality on Monday next week.

Lekganyane says, “We met with ANC leaders here. They’re doing business with that municipality. They have not denied it. There’re siblings of councillors who have been employed there. Nobody has denied that. It’s true it’s happening. So, those in government must go and confront those cases of malpractice and correct them.”

Lekganyane calls for calm amid threats on his life and family members. The threats started after Lekganyane presented a report about the problems in the Mogalakwena Municipality to the national leadership.

Lekganyane says police have interviewed him and have taken statements regarding the alleged threat.

“We must not be rattled by this until the police have conclusive evidence that there’s something that constitutes a threat on the lives of the family of the ANC Provincial Secretary. I’m with them here, giving them details of what we know or what we have heard. It’s only for the police to validate information and they can make a statement whether that information constitutes a threat or not.”

Meanwhile,  the ANC in Limpopo says the two senior officials allegedly implicated in the looting and collapse of the VBS Mutual Bank should clear their names in the court of law.

Treasurer Danny Msiza and Deputy Chairperson and former Vhembe District Executive Mayor, Florence Radzilani, were implicated by the Reserve Bank report.

Msiza and Radzilani have also stepped aside from ANC PEC activities following recommendations by the Integrity Commission.

Recently, some ANC branches have been calling for their re-instatement.

Lekganyane says that ANC branches should not be used for personal fights.

“The comrades should not expect that the solutions from their problems must come from the ANC. They can also take active steps and apply for that report to be set aside by a court of law. In fact, it is something that they could have done long ago. You see, when allegations are made against you, you can’t bury your head in the sand.”