2024 national elections will be a turning point for South Africa: Malema

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The Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) leader, Julius Malema says next year’s national elections will be a turning point for the country.

Malema says that South Africans should use the elections to respond to the challenges of load shedding and unemployment.

He was addressing the party’s 10th anniversary celebrations in Mokopane, Limpopo.

“Next year 2024 is our 1994. That’s what the youth of South Africa should say. It’s a turning point where we’re going to take over government and restore it into the hands of the people.

We don’t want this blackouts of a collapsed Eskom, we need to rescue it and rescue all of state owned enterprises. We must create jobs we cannot have a country where 50% of its workforce people who are qualified to work do not have work. They are not at school. They are not intrapreneurs they have got nothing to do.”

EFF 10th anniversary tour takes over Limpopo:

Malema also mentioned that the party has made a significant contribution in reviving politics in the country since its formation.

Malema says his party is working hard to hold the government to account and that those implicated in corruption have been exposed by the EFF.

“EFF has made sure that the politics of the country are revived, the young people have interests in politics, the government of the day is held accountable and people know that the parliament is there to service their interests and as the EFF we have fought corruption and made sure that those who are involved in shenanigans and corruption are exposed and are held accountable.”