Community in Limpopo living with sewage spillage, without water

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Community members in Mahwelereng Township outside Mokopane in Limpopo say they continue to struggle to access basic service delivery. They say that Mogalakwena Local Municipality has failed to provide them with water for months.

Residents are also complaining about roads and sewage spillage. They say that they have been engaging with the municipality without success.

Community members in Mahwereleng say that since the November 2021 local government elections, the provision of basic services have not improved. They go for months without water. Refuse is also not collected. Sewage spillage is also a cause for concern.

“Our main challenge has always been the issue of water provision. One of the most urgent and problematic issues that the municipality seems not to be resolving is the issue of sewage that are even over-flowing in people’s homes and the issue of roads and the issue of bushes that are increasing and criminal elements in our communities,” says Baba Selomo, Secretary of Mogalakwena Concerned and Affected Communities.

“This sewage spillage has been flowing here for days. It is really difficult here because it’s smelling so bad. You can’t even eat here, because even if you close the doors and windows, you can still smell the sewage,” says resident Grace Maluleke.

“Sometimes here we go for up to six to seven months without water in our area. We also don’t have a proper…for water provision, because water comes when we are at work already. We also need a tar road and we have engaged with our municipality without success,” says another resident Johanna Kara.

Mogalakwena municipal ward councillor says he has been fighting for improved services.

“In the meantime when we are still engaging with the municipality to speed up the process that our community gets water, there will be a water tanker to supply our two streets with water. But also we acknowledge that the tanker is not enough, the municipality must speed up that process so that our community receives water. And on issues of re-gravelling of streets, we have engaged the municipality to say we know you’re not having the budget to make our tar roads, but please come in to do re-graveling of our streets,” says ward councillor Madumetja Hlonyana.

Community members here are calling upon the provincial and the national governments to intervene and ensure that they receive basic services. They say that the sewage spillages in their areas are affecting their health.