Taxify launches safety security app

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Ride hailing service drivers will be able to summon help at a push of a button if they feel their lives are being threatened. Taxify  has launched a new safety feature for its drivers.

This comes in wake of a spate of fatal attacks against drivers of the online taxi hailing services.

Taxify has partnered with safety and security application Namola which allows users to use their mobile phones to request emergency assistance.

The collaboration was announced at the Taxify Safety Summit in Johannesburg.

Taxify Country Manager Gareth Taylor explains how the App works.

“Should you find yourself in any difficult situation you will then be able to push that button. You will then be able to get someone to call you back and if you don’t answer Namola will liaise with the police to come to your location. There’s GPS tracker that is initiated on your phone so that Namola would be able to see where you are and notify the police.”