Anger in Soweto after boys die from allegedly eating biscuits

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Residents of Naledi, in Soweto, are up in arms after two boys aged five and six died at a local clinic and two others were hospitalised after they allegedly ate biscuits bought from a foreign-owned shop on Sunday. The community is calling for the shop to be shut down.

Gauteng police spokesperson Dimakatso Nevhuhulwi says they are still investigating the cause of death.

Earlier, community members threatened to burn down the house where the shop is housed, as well as loot the shop.

With the help of the police, they were able to stop this from happening informing the public that should they do that, they would be tampering with evidence.

However, community members are still unhappy with the fact that the shop owners were able to access the shop even as late as last night and they are worried that they might have removed or even tampered with the evidence.