Soweto residents feel law enforcement officials are sub-par

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Pimville, Soweto residents feel law enforcement officials are sub-par after stolen cables that were recently replaced were stolen again.

A similar theft just weeks ago led residents to a nearby informal settlement where Kgomotso Diale was shot and killed.

One community leader has detailed that fateful day when residents were ambushed by a gun-wielding group.

Thabang Moloi says the sound of women ululating amid the ringing gun shots has stayed with him.

“Those women were happy, when gunshots were still ringing, they were ululating, I was like my god.”

Residents had gone to the Chicken Farm informal settlement to find an amicable solution to a longstanding cable theft issue.

Moloi says, “I don’t like it when people say it was a march. We were just going to speak to another community. As we speak a cable was stolen again yesterday in the same spot. To show that Eskom doesn’t care. No one cares even after the death of Diale.”

The community continue to call for the removal of the Chicken Farm informal settlement, saying those who once occupied the area have since been allocated RDP houses.

The community has been commended for their active citizenry, working with police.

Community Safety MEC, Faith Mazibuko says, “Peaceful demonstrations are allowed in terms of the law. Members of the community must act within the confines of the law. If they apply peacefully with the police present, there’s nothing wrong with that.”

Mazibuko has called on Eskom to join community members in their efforts to protect key infrastructure.

VIDEO: Soweto resident Kgomotso Diale laid to rest: