The Democratic Alliance  (DA) says that by Thursday, South Africa will have a new State President.

DA Chief Whip, John Steenhuisen was speaking after a meeting, which was interrupted by the SABC’s exclusive interview with President Jacob Zuma.

During the interview, Zuma was adamant that he did not defy the party leadership, but disagreed with the decision to recall him immediately.

According to the Constitution, when there is a vacancy, Parliament is given 30 days to fill it.

But the logistics for that appointment are the discretion of the Chief Justice.

Steenhuisen appears confident that this is Zuma’s last day in office.

“When it became very clear that it was his usual intransigence, we simply continued with the meeting… we’re now going into a Programming Committee meeting where we will propose for a sitting tomorrow afternoon.”

“The motion of no confidence will be moved, and it will be voted on… thereafter depending on the availability of the Chief Justice, or his nominee, we will move for the election of a new president and work towards a SoNA on Friday evening… his time is over, by this time tomorrow Mr Zuma will not be the President of the Republic of South Africa.”


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