SA, DRC discuss economic, social, political challenges

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President Jacob Zuma has welcomed the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) leader Joseph Kabila.

Their talks are aimed at deepening political, social, cultural and economic relations between the two countries as part of the bilateral commission.

President Zuma says, “I’m delighted to and honoured to welcome you Mr President and your esteemed delegation considering the strong and close collaborating that the two countries have. It’s always exhilarating to receive and meet with our brothers and sisters from the Democratic republic of Congo.”

Meanwhile, dozens of Congolese living in South Africa are protesting outside the Presidential Guesthouse in Pretoria against Kabila’s visit.

The protesters say Kabila is not the legal president of the DRC and therefore cannot act on behalf of the country.

They claim he intentionally delayed the presidential elections until 2018 so he can remain in power.

A leader of the Congolese community in South Africa, Esai Prince Mpinda, says they are disappointed that President Zuma agreed to meet with Kabila.

“The purpose of coming here today is to vent our anger and frustration against the South African government and particular Jacob Zuma by receiving that imposter, an illegal president today, it is a sign that he is a partner in crime and he’s an accomplice of what is happening in the DRC.”

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